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Preparing Our Students to be Responsible Citizens of the World through Global Education

Guest Blogger: Wendy Morales, Supervisor of Digital Media Arts & Technology K-12, Middletown Township

As a first year teacher in 1997, I never could have imagined how much education would change as a result of technology and globalization. Back then, I was overcome by excitement the day two desktop computers were set up in my classroom (no Internet of course). I was even more ecstatic when during one of my first professional development days, I learned how to create my very own email account. When an African dance troupe came to perform for the school, I knew what a rare and special opportunity it was for my students to interact with people from another part of the world. I would not have believed that less than twenty years later, all of my 7th grade Social Studies students would have Chromebooks, access to 3D printers, and the ability to connect with people from all over the globe on a regular basis without leaving the school building.

In my early years of teaching, if I wanted to…

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