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Commitment to Personalized Learning Drives District Success

Educators across the District are engaging students in personalized learning opportunities that build the skills necessary to one day flourish during college studies, a trade school education or in a rapidly evolving global work environment. This forward-thinking approach to education is the mission of Future Ready Schools New Jersey (FRS-NJ), an organization dedicated to establishing a culture of innovation and empowerment in our schools. FRS-NJ is a coalition of the New Jersey School Boards Association, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and the New Jersey Department of Education, and one that recognized the District with a prestigious honor on September 16th. In a Monday morning announcement, Middletown Township Public Schools was one of only four districts in the state to earn Future Ready Schools New Jersey’s inaugural Silver District Distinction. This distinction acknowledges Middletown’s commitment to authentic learning and its willingness to share best practices with colleagu

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