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Guest Blog Post: Personalized Professional Development

The following is a guest blog post from Jessica Shaw, Director of Staff Development and Special Programs, K-12. I am sharing with our school community her vision for professional development. It embodies a personalized process of life-long learning consistent with the #MTPSpride model for students and staff.  

William O. George III, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools

By Jessica Shaw, Director of Staff Development and Special Programs, K-12

When I began in my current role two short years ago, I remember thinking….staff development for 900 teachers-how will I ever be able to deliver all of the professional development to that many people!   I was exhausted just thinking about it and unnerved by my discomfort about it. But as we preach to our learners day in and day out, discomfort is the breeding ground for growth. After reflecting upon my first year in this new role, I felt that even though I fulfilled my responsibilities something still bothered me- was I really providi…

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